Friday, August 2, 2013

Nate's baby blanket

Nate's baby blanket by vcuchica931
Nate's baby blanket, a photo by vcuchica931 on Flickr.

So the blanket is not that uneven but I was trying to get a picture before this happened.
That would be Kelsey who should've been a cat. She loves all blankets and piles of clothes. Anyways, this is for my (future) nephew (who is born already but K & I need to get engaged and married) who I get to meet this weekend. We'll only be there for a day since it's an 8 hour drive one way, and I have to work Sat and we both work Mon. but he's getting baptized. I copied the colors from a lady on Rav. some but then modified and added the grays instead of using tans because it'll match the color scheme in his room. This kid should never go cold because he has this blanket, a blanket his aunt crocheted, and a quilt his Grandma made. I used Vanna's Choice so they can just throw it in the wash...they also have 2 dogs in addition to the baby so I know they need the easy care. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

It's really weird to knit something for someone and actually giving it to them. I usually chicken out but I'm getting better.