Friday, August 2, 2013

Nate's baby blanket

Nate's baby blanket by vcuchica931
Nate's baby blanket, a photo by vcuchica931 on Flickr.

So the blanket is not that uneven but I was trying to get a picture before this happened.
That would be Kelsey who should've been a cat. She loves all blankets and piles of clothes. Anyways, this is for my (future) nephew (who is born already but K & I need to get engaged and married) who I get to meet this weekend. We'll only be there for a day since it's an 8 hour drive one way, and I have to work Sat and we both work Mon. but he's getting baptized. I copied the colors from a lady on Rav. some but then modified and added the grays instead of using tans because it'll match the color scheme in his room. This kid should never go cold because he has this blanket, a blanket his aunt crocheted, and a quilt his Grandma made. I used Vanna's Choice so they can just throw it in the wash...they also have 2 dogs in addition to the baby so I know they need the easy care. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

It's really weird to knit something for someone and actually giving it to them. I usually chicken out but I'm getting better.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Wip Wednesday:

Vanilla sock using Patons Kroy in the Cherry Sours colorways that I bought on clearance at Michaels. I'm only going to work on these in public so I can knit on other things at home. I don't have much sock yarn that I want to knit into socks left so I have to keep these specifically for travel/ out and about knitting. I started these while sitting outside at the river trail (under a tree by the loop with the pond) while Kenny was riding his bike. I wanted to walk more with the girls but Leena hurt her paw immediately when we got there and was limping. She is fine now. She probably stepped on a piece of glass or a sharp rock in the parking lot.

Lookie what I won

Luckily, I won a $50 giftcard to Etsy for tour de fleece in the Woolgatherings group. So I spent it in her shop. I bought 2 braids of Superwash Merino/Merino/Silk.

I also bought 8 oz. of polwarth undyed wool. Since it's undyed, I didn't take a picture of it. Also, Mileena freaking tore some of it up. For some random reason, she decided to mess up that and some Woolgatherings Merino/Silk I have on the wheel (the ball rests on the treadle when I'm not spinning it). 

Did I mention I have another braid of Woolgatherings coming to me today since I'm in her Fiber Adventurer club? So excited, can't wait to see what she's dyed for us.3

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tour de Fleece

It's TdF time again. I just want to do a quick post about what I've done so far. First, I missed the first day of the tour (Sat, June 29) because I was camping and thought I packed my spindle but then I couldn't find it. So I had to miss that day. We came back Sunday so I was able to spin on my wheel. I finished plying an orange wool blend that I dyed a while ago but spun for the Fat Squirrel Speaks orange-along.
Yesterday I split this fiber:

into different groups according to shades and started spinning the lightest, yellowish color first. This was my TDF progress for Monday 7/1:

 Let me just say that this green is definitely not my favorite color. I got it from Woolgatherings in a Spooky Seconds package so you don't know what colors you're going to get. I'm on the Woolgatherings TDF team so I decided to spin her fiber next but this one is the one I like the least. It's merino and  OMG it drafts and spins like a dream! I absolutely love it.

and shhhh...even though I'm still in school, I joined her club.I almost did the luxury one but I'll add that after I graduate and get another job!

Anyways, I'm about to settle down and watch some podcasts and spin for today. Hope to update again with my progress!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

a mystery with joji and pediatrics

a mystery with joji and pediatrics by vcuchica931
a mystery with joji and pediatrics, a photo by vcuchica931 on Flickr.

So this is what I've been spending my Saturday evening doing! I've been reading peds all day but I just started knitting and took a break from the taking of notes at about 9:30. I told myself it's quitting time but I need to move the book from in front of me because I keep reading. 

Anyways, I'm finally on clue 3 of the Mystery with Joji Shawl. It's a fun knit! I still have WAY more yarn than I think I'm supposed to have at this much so I think I will have enough yarn to even do another one of these! I probably won't, but there are other 3 color projects I could make. I do love this shawl though. I may modify the edging. Well technically I already did as I only did my "fringe" as 2 stitches instead of 10. I haven't decided yet so I'll definitely post a picture once I get to that point or finish.

I do like having a normal phone again since it makes taking progress pictures much easier. Also posting to Blogger and Flicker are quick too. What I don't like doing is posting links. But here's the one to the shawl pattern.

It's a 3 day "weekend" (not for me; I just have Monday since I work every Sat and Sun) so hopefully I'll be more productive with my schoolwork after I get off of work tomorrow. I would like to post about how crazy this semester is/going to be. Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 3.16mi, time: 31:15, pace: 9:53min/mi, speed: 6.07mi/h.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A mystery with Joji

I was lucky enough to be gifted a pattern by stacieknits on plurk because she's awesome like that. She gifted me the new mystery pattern by Joji L. so I cast it on the 4th. I'm still on the second clue. The third clue will be released tomorrow. I'm loving the pattern so far. Now that I've worked with all three yarns I'm not too sure about my color choices but it'll be alright because I'm not ripping.