Saturday, December 31, 2011

About me and why I'm here

Hi guys. My name is Shayla and I live in Louisiana. I'm from Williamsburg, VA. I also claim Richmond, VA since I went to college there and lived there for 6 years! Yeah VCU!! (Virginia Commonwealth football team, but a great basketball and soccer team!)  What brought me to Louisiana? Well I'd always wanted to be a teacher so I joined Louisiana Teaching Fellows and got in so I moved here in less than 2 weeks of finding out I got in! I taught middle school science for 2 years, decided it's not for me at this time and place, so now I'm working at a craft store and also caregive (CNA).

 I decided I needed to start blogging to keep me organized and to have a single location where I can document my creative endeavors as well as keep track of my fitness and reading progress. I belong to a lot of different websites that help me but I miss journaling and this will kind of sub for that. Granted this will have a lot less of "Insert boy's name here-smiled at me today! He is so cute!" that my old journals used to have. haha...oh those days were so exciting weren't they?

I want to also start a video podcast about my knitting and spinning...if I do this will be the home of it. I actually tried to record a show today but either I deleted it or my computer had a hiccup while I was recording it. Oh well. It was good practice. I learned I definitely need to have notes written out.

What can you expect to see here? Anything I feel like writing about. But of course it'll be mostly knitting and spinning, soaping, and fitness. A few book reviews here and there but don't expect anything really good because I hate writing them. Reminds me of english class. I just like to read for enjoyment. I know it's lazy. I don't mind reading other people's reviews though. Oh and cardmaking whenever I actually make some. I hope this blog will encourage me to make more and sew more. I have so many materials but I'm not as familiar in the crafts so I get anxious about making mistakes and never get started...or finish anything.

Lastly, I'm going to use this as a place to update you all on my business, Venusian Soaps, I'd really like for my business to grow and like Heather from Highland Handmades/the Fiberista Files, I'd like to communicate how things go for me. Her growth this year is truly inspiring!

I may also use this as a board to show you what I find interesting. But isn't that what Pintrest is for?

 Thanks for reading!

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