Friday, February 17, 2012

January Spinning

Above is the handspun that I made from Funky Carolina BFL in the Delilah Redux colorway. I bought this way back in 2007. This took a relatively long time for me to spin because of the amount of brown in this braid. It did not look like that to me when I bought it but it's ok. I still think the skein is pretty but I don't know if I'll ever knit with it. I do think it's the thinnest yarn I've ever spun though. I need to see what the wraps per inch is. Or the yardage.
 Immediately after spinning the funky carolina, I put this Abstract Fibers braid on the wheel. I bought it a couple of years ago, I think Christmas 2010, in Washington D.C. while visiting my dad. I've since fallen out love with the colorway because of the amount of olive green in it and I wanted to spin a thicker yarn (which I'm sooo out of practice with), so I chose this braid to spin next in case the yardage was crazy small or something. I'm not sure how many yards are in this or the wpi. Noticing a trend? I need to figure that stuff out before I wash it. I never want to take it out of the hank once it is to find out. I don't know what I'll make with it but I'm happy with the yarn.

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