Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap year

Oh I totally forgot to mention that I originally posted because it's leap year. And I wanted to have a post documenting it haha.

Since I'm posting just to say that, I might as well multitask and give some knitting totals for the year (completed items only).

January 2012:
198 Yards in Heaven: 200 yds
Devon Socks: 315 yards
Simple Handspun Cowl: 96 yards
Total Yards knit: 611 yards knit

Deirdre sneak peek

February 2012:
Mezquita Shawl 324 yards
Deirdra Shawl 325 yards
Total yards knit: 649 yds
Total yards in: NONE :)    ....while I was going through my pictures of what to post I remember I received those two skeins in the first picture but I won those in a giveaway from 90% Knitting podcast/Lisa so that doesn't count.

The total yardage knit doesn't seem like much but it's quite an accomplishment because I work 55 hrs and go to school full time. It's crazy. But I'm crazier if I don't make time for knitting and spinning.

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